Listening in your home

Try a DAC, streamer, amplifier or cables in your home for 20 days completely RISK FREE! Depending on your country shipping charges may apply.

Listening at the next Hifi show

Totaldac will be at the Munich High End show in May 2024 in a 74sqm room (F123).

The 100% Totaldac system will be composed of:
d1-digital-sublime reclockers
d1-sublime DAC
Totaldac cables, including the RCA black attenuator
Amp-1-sublime amplifier, 2 units to drive the bass separately
custom active crossover for bass
Totaldac d120 speakers
no subwoofer will be used

Listening via Youtube recordings

Totaldac systems have been recorded to allow you to have a first listening feeling via Youtube.
If you have no good headphone you can start with a "Sennheiser HD-25 light" headphone + a Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB interface.
The video recordings are published on the Totaldac Youtube channel in 4K resolution.

Listening at Totaldac headquarter

You can come and listen to the DACs, in two auditoriums in Totaldac lab in France between Rennes and Mont-Saint-Michel, 3 hours and 20 minutes from Paris by car.
Qobuz streaming is possible, extra to local files. You can send a link to your Qobuz playlist before your coming so it is ready in Roon for your arrival

Totaldac speakers, driven by the Totaldac Amp-1-sublime amplifier:
d100%wood speakers

And in the wooden room, a quasi-coaxial 3 way full horn system + subwoofers, about 105dB/1W/1m efficiency, driven by the Totaldac Amp-1-sublime amplifier:
coax bass horn

Listening at dealers

See the list of some dealers in Asia here: prices

Listening at Ambassadors ambassadors

Totaldac Ambassadors are customers (preferably having several Totaldac components in their system) who typically don't sell the equipment but can accept some people to listen to their system, or can answer some questions. Ask Totaldac the corresponding contact information.

Australia, Sydney
d1-triunity DAC, accessories. photo

Brasil, Sao Paulo
Reclocker-sublime, d1-sublime DAC, d1-driver-sublime mono. photo1, photo2, system description

Canada, Victoria
d1-digital-sublime reclocker, d1-triunity DAC, driver mono.

France, Bordeaux
d1-switch, d1-player, d1-streamer-sublime, d1-triunity, Amp-1 amplifier, d150-anniversary speakers, sub-d100. photo

France, Bordeaux
reclocker, d1-direct DAC, driver. photo

France, Paris
player, d1-streamer-sublime, reclocker, d1-triunity DAC, driver, amplifier, accessories. photo

Italy, Roma
reclocker, d1-sublime DAC.

Italy, Torino
streamer, d1-direct DAC, accessories. photo1, photo2

Netherlands, Eindhoven area
d1-streamer-sublime, d1-triunity DAC, d1-driver monoblocs photo, customer feedback

Poland, Warszawa area
streamer, d1-twelve-mk2 DAC, driver mono, amplifier, d100 speakers.

Switzerland, Basel
d1-streamer-sublime, d1-sublime DAC, driver, d1-triunity. photo

UK, London area (North)
streamer, reclocker, d1-twelve-mk2 DAC.

UK, London - Cambridge, close to Stansted airport
streamer, reclocker, d1-direct DAC.

UK, Manchester
streamer, d1-tube-mk2 DAC.

USA, Austin area
player, d1-switch, streamer, reclocker, d1-twelve DAC. photo, photo2

USA, between Indianapolis and Chicago
d1-switch, player, streamer, reclocker, d1-twelve-mk2 DAC, accessories. photo, customer feedback

USA, Los Angeles
d1-streamer-sublime, d1-triunity DAC.

USA, New York area
d1-switch, player, streamer-sublime, reclocker-sublime, d1-sublime DAC, driver mono, amplifier, d100 speakers. photo1, photo2, customer feedback

USA, New York area
d1-direct DAC, accessories. photo1, photo2

USA, Portland, Oregon
streamer, accessories. photo

USA, San Diego (North)
reclocker, d1-direct DAC.

USA, San Diego (North)
player, streamer, reclocker, d1-twelve-mk2 DAC.

USA, San Jose CA
d1-direct DAC.

USA, Texas (South)
d1-switch, reclocker, d1-sublime DAC, driver mono, Amp-1 amplifier. photo, customer feedback

Some past hifi shows

Paris Audio Video show 2023

Totaldac was be at the Paris Audio Video show 2023, room 334.
The system was composed mostly of Totaldac components.
-d1-player music server
-d1-streamer-sublime as RoonReady endpoint with the latest software (improved sound quality)
-d1-digital-sublime reclocker
-d1-sublime DAC
-UP12 AES-EBU cables
-d1-driver-mk2 preamp monoblocs
-NEW damping feet on all source components and preamp
-Amp-1-mk2 amplifier
-d100%wood speakers with super-tweeter
-Echole Infinity analog cables (you can buy these from Totaldac)

"Très belle écoute. Sensible sur l'opéra et magnifiquement timbrée. Réaliste et naturelle, sans forcer le détail. Une homogénéité qui ne prête pas le flanc à la critique. Un système qui s'efface devant la musique. Félicitations Vincent." L'Audio Expérience, rédacteur Vinyl&Audio

recording of Totaldac room in Paris 2023

paris audio video show 2023 for totaldac

Munich HIGHEND 2023

Totaldac was at the High End show in a 74sqm room.

The system was composed exclusively of Totaldac components except some cables:
-d1-player music server
-d1-streamer-sublime as RoonReady endpoint
-d1-digital-sublime reclocker
-d1-sublime DAC
-UP12 AES-EBU cables
-d1-driver-mk2 preamp monoblocs
-Amp-1-mk2 amplifier monoblocs used in unbalanced mode
-d100%wood speakers with super-tweeter option
-sub-d100 subwoofer controlled by an Amp-1-mk2 monobloc
-Echole Infinity interconnects, speaker cables and power cords

"Augmented by Brient's solid state amplification and D100 speakers with optional super tweeters and subs, the D1-Sublime made a Qobuz stream of Leonard Cohen's "Show Me the Place" as natural as I've heard it, with thoroughly believable textures, ultrahigh resolution, and terrific portrayal of rhythm and pace." Alex Halberstadt, Stereophile

"On listening, we were confronted with a mature, complete, organic and extremely detailed performance. It is a high-efficiency system with a sub that can range over all musical geniuses with authority and control up to live concert levels. It is noteworthy and one of the very few cases in my memory where the subwoofer improved the overall performance without giving the feeling of something added afterwards, a perception of emissive uniformity that made everything even more credible." GIONA ORLANDI, Quotidianoaudio

Totaldac in Munich High End 2022

Totaldac Fun Day 2022

Totaldac Paris Yacht 2021

HIFIPig photos Hifi Pig

Totaldac Fun Day 2022 video recording

Munich HIGH END show 2022

Totaldac was at the High End show in a 74sqm room.

Full Totaldac system composed of:
-new d1-switch, the Totaldac ethernet switch
-Totaldac ethernet cable/filters
-reclocker d1-digital-mk2
-new d1-twelve-mk3 DAC with UP12 AES-EBU cables
-live-power power supply
-d1-driver monoblocs
-Amp-1 amplifier, stereo version
-new d100%wood speakers

recording of Totaldac room in Munich 2022

Totaldac in Munich High End 2022

"...incredibly open and full-range in every respect. Wild, even. Vincent was leaning heavily on classic rock recordings and soon it became apparent that Totaldac gear can party hard, yet in an extremely refined way. The room was big, but the Totaldac in Munich was even bigger in pure visceral impact than I could have imagined back at home. What I remember most about Totaldac in Munich was the system's tremendous sense of space, as well as pure and unbridled dynamics in a fairly large listening room." Part time audiophile
"The larger room was perfect for this system, the real synergy in a "nose to tail" system all designed and made by one brand was apparent... I think the world is ready to realise that Totaldac do so much more than just DACs!" Hifi Pig

Munich Hifideluxe show 2022

Totaldac was also be at HifiDeluxe in Munich, May 19th-21st 2022. hifideluxe

Full Totaldac system composed of:
-new d1-switch, the Totaldac ethernet switch
-Totaldac ethernet cable/filters
-d1-direct DAC
-live-power power supply
-Amp-1 amplifier, stereo version
-d100 speakers

Totaldac Fun Day 2021

Totaldac made a demo weekend on a Yacht in October 2021 for the launch the d100-chestnut speakers:
(the next Totaldac Fun Day will take place on the same Yacht the 17th of September 2022, when covid presence is usually at its minimum in France)
"never have we experienced something quite as good as the Totaldac d100 loudspeaker launch. sounded sublime. It was a very ‘live’ sound, dynamic and energetic but also very engaging and pure, perfect to relax and enjoy.
David Solomon of Qobuz came with us and thought that someone was playing the piano live when we walked onto the boat."
Hifi Pig

"La liberté d’expression des Totaldac est saisissante: lisibilité et transparence sans coloration, aisance dynamique, comme branchés en direct sur la musique live." Haute Fidélité

Video recording of the system in a navigating yacht and streaming Qobuz

Paris hifi show 2019

Totaldac was at the Paris Hifi show 2019 The system was composed of:
Totaldac d1-player
Totaldac d1-streamer and reclocker
Totaldac d1-twelve-mk2 DAC with DSD and bass boost option
Totaldac d1-driver in monobloc configuration
Totaldac one-box "live-power" for the streamer, reclocker, DAC and d1-driver
Totaldac Amp-1 power amplifier
Totaldac d150-anniversary speakers
Totaldac/Bibacord AES-EBU cable for the streamer
Totaldac ethernet cable/filters
Echole Infinity RCA interconnect cables
Echole Infinity speaker cables
Echole Infinity power cord for the live-power
Echole Limited Edition power cord for the amplifier
12Vdc live-power for the router and switch

Totaldac Paris Haute Fidélité 2019

Totaldac was at Xfi 2019 in the Netherland.
"Best Sound: Shared first place" CHRISTIAAN PUNTER,
"This room was very, very good
One of my top rooms"

Totaldac Xfi 2019 2019

Totaldac was at the Munich HifiDeluxe show 2019 :
The system was composed of:
Totaldac d1-player server/NAS
Totaldac RoonReady d1-streamer and reclocker
Totaldac d1-twelve-mk2 DAC
Totaldac one-box "live-power" power supply
Totaldac d1-driver, a volume-free preamp
Totaldac/Bibacord AES-EBU cables
Totaldac USB GIGAFILTER and ethernet cable/filters
new Totaldac Amp-1 power amplifier
Magico M6 speakers
Echole Limited Edition interconnect cables and speaker cables
Totaldac/Esprit power cord for the amplifier

Video recording by on Youtube

Totaldac Munich Hifideluxe 2019

A Totaldac source was also used in 2 other rooms at Hifideluxe: Camerton / Holton using d1-streamer + d1-direct + d1-driver and Askja audio.
A d1-seven DAC and a USB GIGAFILER was also used by Focal JMLAB on their highest end headphone system.

"The R-2R totaldac is the least DAC-sounding of any DAC I’ve heard. When it plays recordings is does not sound digital or analogue.
Instead, it conveys this slightly dark, deep, super-quiet transparent spaciousness that I find riveting – and very natural.
Tone was the most life-like I have heard from Magico."
Herb Reichert, Stereophile
"Totaldac and Magico were producing holographic images and musical realism.
Love the M6 Magicos!"
Peter Breuninger, AVShowroom
"The Holton TotalDac room featuring the Camerton-audio Binom 1 loudspeaker had stunning detail and clarity
with outstanding impact from such a small loudspeaker."
Peter Breuninger, AVShowroom
"Askia Audio (embedding a Totaldac DAC) from France had very unique looking loudspeakers and electronics.
The sound was fast and detailed with lots of space and pace."
Peter Breuninger, AVShowroom
"it sounded very good indeed." Linette Smith, HifiPig
"it sounded really great as well! Transparent and uncolored, airy and unfatiguing this was a sound that you could listen to for hours." CHRISTIAAN PUNTER, Owner of
"It's really not exactly easy to drive the Magico M6 speakers, but the Amp-1 amplifier was designed from the ground up with the M6's and it shows on the very first note strike. Certainly a system you don't want to miss."
"Camerton Audio Binom-1 somehow reflect an aura of acoustical instruments. Very stylish and captivating!"
"Sur un passage d'orgue, la puissance est impressionnante dans l'extrême grave, sans aucune confusion, d'une netteté alliée à un délié rare, en plus d'une capacité dynamique à l'énergie sans limite, comme sur le French Cancan endiablé. Surtout l'Amp-1 alliée au sources Totaldac sait mettre en valeur la finesse et la définition des Magico M6, en apportant plus de matière sans rajouter de surbrillance dans l'aigu qui reste d'une variété incroyable, sans raideur comme parfois avec certaines électroniques à transistor puissantes." Haute Fidélité

Totaldac was in RMAF 2018:
"The ones and zeroes were being calculated with both precision and emotion by a totaldac d1 tube MKII. Overall, one of the best, most enjoyable rooms at RMAF and a standout memory for me from the show." Rafe Arnott, Audiostreams

Totaldac was in Munich hifi shows 2018 in several rooms:
-One 45sqm room in the HIGH END show at the MOC, in Hall 4, room W04, composed of:
Totaldac RoonReady d1-server and reclocker
Totaldac d1-player server/NAS
Totaldac d1-twelve DAC
Totaldac d1-driver, a volume-free preamp
Totaldac/Bibacord AES-EBU cables
Totaldac USB GIGAFILTER and ethernet cable/filters
Totaldac d150 speakers
Absolare 845 push pull monoblocs with Elrog tubes
Echole Limited Edition interconnect cables, speaker cables and power cords
Shunyata Denali power distributor
Totaldac Munich High End 2018
"I was impressed by both of them. The d150's sound was relaxed very wide open and delightfully coherent.
I was immediately impressed by how smooth, vivid, and 3-dimensional the sound was.
Think big, full, open, and exceptionally coherent. I would have nominated Brient's system for best sound at show, but is was only the morning of my first day, so I moved on."
Herb Reichert, Stereophile

"TotalDAC had secured one of the few ground-floor super cabins to make very good sound with Absolare monos.
On flavour, the Analog Domain designer's private system had been very visceral and gripping.
Vincent Brient's transplanted from France for the occasion was ultra spacious and elegant.
Anyone who declares an absolute sound hasn't yet lived long enough. There are many lenses of perspectives or moods to experience playback through.
Premium executions of these are all equally valid. This was one of those."
Srajan Ebaen, 6moons
"The outcome was impressive to say the least" Dawid Grzyb, HifiKnights
"This was a great sounding system. We will be visiting Vincent shortly for a full and proper demonstration of this system." HifiPig
"I've had limited time at the show, but enjoyed very involving combo. Way to go and present system." Matej Isak, Mono&Stereo
"His DAC remains the most melodic." AUDIOHUB.GR

-Absolare room, on Rockport speakers.
Totaldac Absolare Munich 2018
"Best Sound (cost no object). There was a complete lack of grain and glare;
the presentation had utterly natural timbre and tremendous ability to pull me into the music rather than to think about the sound.
A terrific system expertly set up."
Robert Harley, the absolute sound
"listed in "MY FAVORITE SYSTEMS"" Ron Resnick, MONO&STEREO
"Possibly best in show." hifiwigwam

-A room with Totaldac USB GIGAFILTER + reclocker + d1-seven, Holton Audio amplifier, TelluriumQ cables and Soulsonic HOLOGRAMM-X speakers.
Totaldac Munich HifiDeluxe 2018
"it played phenomenally, that is, full of concert swinging sound."
"The sound in this room was something else displaying effortless power and a concert hall-like experience." Hifipig

-Focal room, using a d1-seven + GIGAFILTER as source for a Utopia headphone.

Totaldac was at the Munich show 2017:
-Totaldac d1-server + d1-twelve-SE digital source
-Absolare Integrated amplifier
-Totaldac, Echole and Bibacord cables
-Totaldac d150 speakers + subwoofers
-a d1-integral headphone + a Focal Utopia headphone.

A totaldac source was also in these 4 other rooms:
-Absolare amplifiers and Echole cables, demoing Totaldac d1-server + d1-twelve-SE
-Engstrom&Engstrom amplifiers and Bibacord cables, demoing Totaldac d1-server + d1-twelve-SE
-VinylSavor amplifiers from Thomas Mayer, demoing Totaldac d1-server + d1-core

"The totaldac sound, in my experience, is one of delivering the musical event as it was originally recorded, and here in Munich it seemed that musical event was taking place in the room with me – no small feat in any sense – and considering it was a ballroom-sized space it made the accomplishment all the more impressive. Brient has a loudspeaker design that when paired with his bespoke DAC/streamer/Server sources, and an uncoloured amplifier is capable of utterly transporting the listener to the moment the track was recorded." Rafe Arnott, part-time
Amongs the best rooms according to Absolute sound, 3 used a Totaldac DAC as digital source: Absolare/Rockport, Voxativ and Engstroem/Marten. the absolute sound

Totaldac was in THE show in the USA 2016 in 2 rooms:
-"Best Sound" the absolute sound

Totaldac was in Munich High End 2015 in 4 large rooms:
-"Best Sound" AVShowrooms about Voxativ room
-"BEST IN SHOW" perfect sense
-"was for sure one of the highlights at the show for both the sound experience and what they represent" Mono&Stereo
-"My second-favourite sound of the show (after the ultra expensive Living Voice Vox Olympian room).
It sounded terrific to combine "analog" warmth with "digital" detail in a very rare balance whilst remaining domestically acceptable" Srajan Ebaen, 6moons
-"Belonged to the best that the show had to offer." Hifistatement (about Kaiser speakers room)
-"The system sounded lovely at low volume" Stereophile
-"So wonderful and truly relaxing Chopin Nocturnes on the big Fazioli grand piano." Hifistatement (about Goebel speakers room)
-"Last year Göbel had the best sound of the show, and sure enough this year the sound was even better!" MoizAudio
-"A highlight of course the installation of high-end Goebel, as always sounded for no apparent, clean, natural and refined aesthetics that exudes quality effort. Without doubt the best ..."
-"a sound that was very delicate and detailed at lower levels" the absolute sound
-"4 boxes of source gear is winning right" inearspace
-"uncanny sense of realism, ultra-natural" Stereotimes
-"Was sitting a while, it was lovely relaxant to get dabbing his ears with some great sounding here." nomono

room E115
drive: Totaldac d1-server or Jadis Calliope CD
DAC: Totaldac d1-twelve
amplifier: Analog Domain
speakers: Göbel High End
room E226
drive: Totaldac d1-server or CEC TL3N CD transport
DAC: Totaldac d1-dual
amplifier: Analog Domain
cables: Absolue Créations
speakers: Silberstatic
room F219
drive: Totaldac d1-server
DAC: Totaldac d1-twelve
pre + amplifier: Engstrom&Engstrom
cables: Bibacord
speakers: Kaiser Accoustics
room E222
drive: Totaldac d1-server
DAC: Totaldac d1-tube-mk2

Totaldac was at the High End show of Munich 2014, on a system composed of:
Totaldac d1-server + d1-twelve DAC, Kaiser speakers, Engstrom&Engstrom amplifiers, Bibacord cables
-"The DAC has a resolution that is unparalleled" Hifistatement
-"Once again, I was as impressed with the sound of the TotalDAC room as I was this same time last year.
The system produced a beautiful soundstage with an analog-like sound from a digital source." Stereotimes
-"The most analogue sounding digital? The TotalDAC! It sounds amazing." Parttimeaudiophile
-"The latter had my vote." "A super monitor I got to hear and very much enjoy was the Kaiser Acoustics Kawero! Chiara." Srajan Ebaen, 6moons
-"Best sound"

Totaldac at the High End show of Munich 2013:
-"Best of Show" listed. "The system sounded fantastic on concert grand—very natural with superb timbre and scale.
It was also sensational on trumpet, choir, and organ." The absolute sound
-"I got to hear the d1-tube DAC as well as the d1-dual DAC on separate occasions and they both made delicate, relaxed, and authoritative music in this system.",
"from the bit I heard, I'd certainly like to hear more" Audiostream (Stereophile)
-"I was very impressed with the sound... open, dynamic and uncompressed sound that was naturally presented much like live music" StereoTimes
-"Ein höchst interessantes Produkt ist der totaldac" Hifistatement
-"One of the standout rooms for me. My notes say beautiful! Definitally a sound I could live with" HifiPig
-"Definitely one of the best sets of the High End 2013"

mobile phone: +33 6 18 03 14 08 (European time zone, Whatsapp compatible)