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The d1-sublime benefits from the new Totaldac "unity" DAC architecture, with about 680 components upgraded or added to the electronic boards.

The d1-sublime is a new DAC and it also includes several accessories, so it becomes a 4-box DAC composed of:
-2 monobloc DACs
-1 d1-digital-sublime reclocker
-1 3-output large-box live-power power supply
-a custom BNC clock cable
-a remote control cable
-a pair of simple AES-EBU cables as a start point, can be upgraded to UP12 cables

This monobloc configuration, proven by the Totaldac d1-twelve DAC, gives even more 3D and more body to the sound.
The "unity" architecture allows a better clock distribution, a lower jitter, a lower R2R power supply rail impedance and a lower noise in the digital section.
The R2R ladder resistors are still the famous naked Vishay foil.
The output stage is also fully new, in term of components and in term of schematics, and using discrete components exclusively.
This new output stage produced a 3.5V unbalanced signal and a 7V balanced signal with low impedance for the best versatility, to be connected to all preamps, all integrated amps and also directly to all power amps.
The d1-sublime embeds also a second set of unbalanced + balanced output stage which can be used to feed a bass section or a subwoofer or a headphone amplifier, without risk of altering the main output.

The "unity" architecture gives more presence, more contrast between the timbre of each instrument, more contrast between the size of each instrument, more clarity at the same time as more body and more dynamic, the sound is more realistic and natural giving you more pleasure and no fatigue.
This sound has been adjusted with an analog master tape player as direct comparison and with digital recordings made by Totaldac. Listening tests where made in the new Totaldac auditorium.
This DAC can also integrate the internal streamer board option for a network use.
The new "unity" architecture still allows all Totaldac d1-x DACs to be upgraded to this new architecture.

"Indeed it is unquestionably the best performance I have been fortunate enough to witness." GIONA ORLANDI, Quotidianoaudio

Totaldac d1-sublime front

-192KHz asynchronous Xmos USB, 192KHz coax RCA, 192KHz AES-EBU, 96KHz optical, selected from a remote control.
-44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz, 96KHz, 176.4KHz and 192KHz, 16 to 24 bit formats supported.
-as an option, DSD (DoP standard) supported on coax, AES-EBU and USB inputs.
-embedded custom clock with anti-jitter FIFO memory.
-3.5Vrms max RCA, 7Vrms max XLR analog output.
-volume control (with mute), adjusted by a remote control and an OLED display, works for all inputs.
-phase polarity selected by remote control.
-non-oversampling DAC compensation filter activated or disactivated by remote control.
-display switched off by remote control.
-R2R DAC technology using 600 pieces of 0.01% VAR Bulk Metal® Foil resistors Vishay Foil Resistors.
-class A discrete transistor output stage.
-external power supply to minimize the noise on the embedded preamp.
-aluminium and PMMA enclosure with massive pure copper antivibration plate.
-power consumption 45W.
-each box dimensions: height 110mm, width 360mm, depth 290mm.
-weight: total 32kg.

Available options:
-DSD (DoP) option.
-streamer option. The software is the same as the d1-streamer, RoonReady certified.
-silver massive aluminium front panel.
-115V power option.
-BNC coaxial digital input instead of RCA.
-2, 3, 4 way active crossover or more, by associating several DAC boxes.
-Bass boost.


This video allows you to listen to the d1-sublime DAC:
System ready for Munich 2023

The remote control:

Totaldac d1 remote control

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