d1-switch, the sound quality improving ethernet switch

The d1-switch is made to improve the sound of a digital source connected to the network, making the sound more natural for local files playing and for internet streaming.
The d1-switch uses 4 internally chained ethernet switches, an OCXO oscillator, a mains filter and embeds natively a Totaldac live-power power supply, already proven for Totaldac DACs, streamers, drivers and amplifiers.
You can insert this switch in the system just to improve the source quality (acting like an ethernet reclocker/filter), even if you don't need to multiply the ethernet sockets.
The Totaldac d1-switch is embedded in the same enclosure as the Totaldac DACs or streamers, for a perfect matching in a Totaldac system.
Three RJ45 sockets have each their functionality:
-a router input, connected to the router or to a local network wall socket
-a NAS input, connected to a NAS or a server or a roon core, a Totaldac d1-player for example
-a streamer input, connected to a Totaldac d1-streamer-mk2 for example

"a superior natural feeling"
"fuller, thanks in particular to a much better explored bass and extreme bass, beneficial to an increased depth of the sound image."
"...while bringing matter, incarnation. The voices benefit greatly from this, as do the concert atmospheres."
"...promoting the emotional communication delivered by the artists."
"Which means that the switch's contribution is well heard."
, Bruno Castelluzzo, Haute Fidelite

"For me, and in my system and with my sonic preferences, there is no question that the D1-switch is a significant sonic improvement for me.
The bottom line is that once I heard how music sounded with the D1-switch, it would be very difficult to listen to my digital front end without it!"
Arnies, well known whatsbestforum contributor

"No harm will be caused without comparisons. Many enthusiasts think that the sound of a digital player is not as good as a CD player. That's because your digital player system can only exert less than 60% of its performance without adding a network switch. There are two concepts for adding network switches. Of course, the prices of network switches are also very different, and the quality is uneven. There is no doubt that adding a network switch to a hifi network playback system, especially the advanced network switch can directly double the "value" of digital player products or even show the value of several times the machine itself, and the Totaldac D1-switch is the leader in network switches, even the ceiling level among the network switches we have come across. It is quiet, pure, transparent, and clean, which is very suitable for the current digital music system. Furthermore, in conjunction with its internal four specially designed independent switch modules to minimize signal jitter. It is a rare function of the current high-end network switches. How much do you think an excellent network switch should be priced at?" New Audiophile, China

Totaldac d1-switch front

-4 internally chained ethernet switches to lower the jitter 4 times
-well known Totaldac live-power linear power supply, with a dedicated winding for the oscillator
-mechanical isolator
-gigabit ethernet for fast copies of files to the NAS/server/core and 100Mbit ethernet for the streamer output for the best sound
-OCXO oscillator with professional clock distribution
-4 layer PCB, made in Germany
-EMC filtering and damping
-power consumption: 12W average.
-dimensions: height 110mm, width 360mm, depth 290mm.
-weight: 3.5kg.

Totaldac d1-switch rear

Available options:
-silver massive aluminium front panel.
-4th RJ45 output.


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