Amp-1-generator, reference 230V power regenerator

Totaldac needed a clean 230V power to test the digital sources, so Totaldac made its own true low noise generator.
To be sure to start from a proven audiophile design, the start point was the Amp-1-sublime amplifier.
A very low noise 50Hz sinewave generator has been developped and a custom output interface was designed, using a custom live-power transformer.

totaldac Amp-1-generator

230V sine wave power generator
linear power supply, linear class AB amplifier
zero global feedback
2500VA, LIVE-POWER input transformer
700VA, LIVE-POWER isolation output transformer with potting
250VA continuous output
500VA output limited to a short time (2A C1 curve embedded breaker)
230mm height
483mm width
453mm depth + external transformer
66kg total weight

FFT measurement via a 6.5V transformer, blue is the original power, green is the generator output. The distorsion is attenuated and the noise attenuation reaches 60dB.
Totaldac Amp-1-generator measurement

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