d1-player, the music server

The d1-player allows you to store your music files and run software on demand.
It is based on an Intel I5 processor. The Real Time linux based operating system is installed on a SSD and the music in store in another SSD.
This version of Real Time Linux is natively optimized for audio and allows you to avoid Windows and its mandatory associated patches like ASIO, Thesycon USB drivers, un-needed process stoppers...
The main audio output is ethernet so the audio output is sent to a network streamer via the local network via UPNP/DLNA or another protocol.
The d1-player is the ideal companion for the Totaldac d1-streamer and all is controlled by a tablet.
It is totally silent and fully optimised for the sound quality. It is made of two boxes and embeds 4TB of SSD for the music files.
The bottom box embeds large linear power supplies and a very high end ethernet optical isolator.

"The d1 player arrived. I was expecting it to be an improvement. But it is actually transformative. Both musicality and detail are now at another level.
Tonal accuracy, image density and sense of space are dramatically better. The overall effect is more than the sum of the parts though.
The playback was already great but now has a breath of life that is totally immersive."
an "Ambassador" customer in Indianapolis
"With my latest addition of the d1-player, I can honestly say, I feel like more instruments and performers are in my room." an "Ambassador" customer in New York
Totaldac d1-player front

Example of reference system having tested and selected the d1-player

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