Bass boost option

Some speakers or headphones have a very clean bass but sometimes not as loud as the mid/high.
So a function of bass boost has been developed for the Totaldac DACs.
It allows to compensate the attenuation of the bass using the speaker itself, without the side effect of an extra bass cabinet and without the limits of the equalisers and tonality correctors.

Contrary to an extra bass cabinet, here the really fast driver from the main speaker is kept to produce the bass.
The sound is kept as fast, as dynamic and as transparent as the original DAC with just the ideal bass level.

The boost frequency range and amplitude is adjustable from the remote control, according to the speaker and the room.
The compensation can be limited to the sub-bass, or can be used up to voice frequencies for example.
Everything is possible since the speaker used for the bass is the main speaker driver, with its clarity in the whole audio band.

It is also possible to adjust the bass boost at a high frequency such as 6KHz. This way all frequencies above 6KHz are attenuated.
It can be usefull for some systems or some recordings.

Measurement for a +3dB bass boost:

Totaldac bass boost response

The above picture shows the amplitude of a +3dB bass boost up to a given frequency. The boost stops its action very smoothly with the frequency.

Totaldac bass boost response

The above picture shows that the phase is not much changed, and only very smoothly.

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