Amp-1-sublime, stereo or monobloc amplifier Totaldac timeless upgradable

The Amp-1-sublime is the Totaldac reference amplifier, using solid state components exlusively.
Its design started with Magico M6 speakers on hand, then continued with Totaldac d100%wood speakers as well as with a large 105dB/1W/1m efficiency horn system, and with the d1-sublime DAC or an analog master tape player as source.
The Magico being moderate efficiency and difficult impedance, the large horn system being 105dB/1W/1m efficiency with easy 8ohm impedance, an amplifier giving the best sound in these two opposite environnements will work as great with all high-end speakers.

The triode stage used in the previous generation of Amp-1 is now upgraded by an innovating transistor gain stage, using very low component count (all discrete) and no global feedback.
A very high voltage (240Vdc) is used to give the maximum dynamic to the signal and its power supply is based on a discrete regulator as well.
The gain stage is then followed by an equally innovating and powerful transistor buffer, using no global feedback as well.
This design combines no global feedback, low noise, high gain (32.5dB), high bandwidth (400KHz) and high current (driving 1ohm) thanks to its 2500VA/25kg live-power transformer.
These characteristics produce a transparent, fast, live and natural sound without harshness and at the same time with punch and weight in bass.

The Amp-1-sublime amplifier is available as stereo amplifier with RCA inputs or as fully balanced monobloc with XLR input. A monobloc version can also be used as stereo with RCA inputs.

"The Sublime sounded fabulous driving TotalDAC speakers" Alan Taffel, The Absolute Sound
"The sound in that room was as impressive to me as the D120's build quality. Played via a pair of D120s, some haunting female vocal music with a sparse piano accompaniment had such a wonderous sense of scale that it was easy to get lost in it. The speakers seemed right on the money tonally as well, and they conveyed the emotion in the singer's lament just as competently as they did scale." Matt Bonaccio, SoundStage!
"the sound was wonderfully easy to listen to and fall into. Very nice!!" Lin and Stu, HIFIPIG
"In any event, this system sang out sweetly, filling the large space with high level emotion." Michael Lavorgna, TWITTERING MACHINES

recording of the Totaldac room at the Munich show 2024, using the Amp-1-sublime amplifier

stereo version:
totaldac Amp-1-sublime amplifier

monobloc version:
totaldac Amp-1-sublime amplifier

specifications of the stereo version:
stereo power amplifier
zero global feedback
fully discrete design
fully solid state
class AB with medium level of class A for moderate power consumption and for moderate heat in the room
2500VA, 26kg LIVE-POWER transformer with separate windings for left and right channel
440,000 microfarad of small and fast Mundorf capacitors
separate left/right power supply rectifications and capacitor banks for an almost dual mono configuration (like two monoblocs in one chassis)
designed on Magico M6, on a 105dB large coax horn system and on Totaldac speakers
RCA inputs
largest Mundorf binding posts
2x150W under 8ohm
2x300W under 4ohm
2x500W under 2ohm
stable under 1ohm
output impedance: 0.10ohm, constant from 20Hz to 20KHz
32.5dB gain (x42.5)
0.85V sensitivity
input impedance: 47Kohm
frequency response at -3dB: 0.06Hz to 400KHz
diaphony at 1KHz/8ohm: -106dB
very low noise tested in real life on very high efficiency speakers (no hum on 105dB bass horns)
input offset tolerance without lowering the signal quality: +/-100mV
power consumption when music level is moderate: 175Watt @ 230V
230mm height
483mm width
453mm depth including connectors
54kg weight

Monobloc version:
-XLR input
-fully balanced from the XLR input to the speaker output
-an Amp-1-sublime monobloc can also be used as a stereo amplifier with RCA inputs
-600W under 8ohm
-1000W under 4ohm
-can also be used as stereo amplifier.


Available options:
-120V or 100V power (standard is 230V)
-damping feet

Totaldac Amp-1-sublime inside photo

4-channel amplifier

A 4-channel amplifier (8-ch in case of two amplifiers as shown on the photo) has been developped to control a pair of d100 speakers + a pair of subwoofers or for surround speakers.
-150W per channel
-balanced inputs
-26dB or 34dB gain
-dimensions: L:224mm H:335mm (with feet) D:430mm

Totaldac 8ch amplifier

Totaldac 8ch amplifier

Totaldac 8ch amplifier

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