Totaldac d100 speaker

The Totaldac d100 speakers have been designed to offer the most natural music reproduction while being compatible with your living room and without being too expensive.
Their high sensitivity allows them to produce a very controlled sound at all frequencies and with realistic and rich bass, making them suitable for all types of music genres, from classical music to electro.

With the d100 speakers are so fast that you get the "feeling of being there" with most music tracks, not just with some selected tracks.

During the design phase some music recorded by Totaldac in the large Totaldac auditorium have also been used.
This gave an absolute feeling of how these instruments should sound.
The recording equipment is also used to record the speaker themselves, look at the Totaldac Youtube page.
The d100 have also been tested with success in small rooms.
You can give them a chance against any other speaker at any price.

"A big, standard looking 2.5-way loudspeaker that manages to transcend its looks with a sonic performance that draws you in and captivates with its rightness.
They are dynamic and detailed in a way that they just shouldn’t be and with a presentation that seems neutral and natural whether you play them loud or at more moderate volumes.
I want some!
Editor's choice"
Stuart Smith, HIFI PIG
"The sound was immediately pulled into focus with the d100s.
I’m not sure if I need anything else from a loudspeaker.
They are superb full-range speakers that are well worth the cost."
Marc Philips, PartTimeAudiophile
"The immediacy of the d100 allows the listener to interact with the magic of the music rather than observe sonic commodification,
which is all too often the case with many speakers with much higher price tags.
Totaldac d100 wins the 2021 Mono & Stereo Highly Recommended award."
Matej Isak, Mono&Stereo
"Plus qu'une enceinte hi-fi, c'est une enceinte pour écouter le réel." Diapason
"les d100 ont fait état d'une transparence et d'une énergie qui vous met tout de suite de bonne humeur. Incroyablement efficaces sur tous les registres, aucun message ne leur fait peur.
Jamais prises en défaut, elles libèrent la musique telle qu'elle a été enregistrée."
Jean Razzaroli, Vinyle&Audio
"La d100 est l'exemple même du haut rendement qui laisse s'exprimer la musique sans contraintes avec le sentiment du direct, et toutes les variations d'énergie et de timbres associées sans forcer." Vincent Cousin, Diapason
"Les D100 offrent un réalisme sonore assez phénoménal, sans contrainte apparente, de haute résolution sur une très large plage de fréquence." Bruno Castelluzzo, Haute Fidélité

Totaldac d100 speakers

-98dB @ 1m @ 2.83V even in bass thanks to two 12inch drivers
-2.5way: both 12inch drivers are producing bass but only the top driver is producing midrange as well
-bass cut-off: 25Hz at -6dB in room
-8ohm average impedance with smooth variations
-constant directivity horn used only above 3.5KHz
-equally resolving from top to bottom
-most of the sound is coming from the top of the speaker, giving it a bookshelf speaker coherency
-driver and crossover components from Western Europe manufacturers
-Neodymium bass driver with very high force
-custom made ultra fast bass/mid driver
-very extended treble 1 inch compression driver with organic dome
-crossover made of air coils and selected film capacitors only
-point to point wiring crossover, no PCB trace is used, only the component legs are used
-inductor for the bass made of 5mm2 copper wire
-crossover isolated in its own wooden enclosure
-Mundorf binding posts for any kind of banana and spade cables
-cabinet made of Baltic Birch Plywood (grey, other color on request), or 100% massive wood (see the d100%wood version)
-made in France
-width: 320mm
-depth: 470mm
-height: 1180mm
-weight: 42kg

d100 in Totaldac demo room

d100 speaker

These videos allow you to listen to the d100 speakers:
guitare recording
d100-chestnut in a navigating yacht and streaming Qobuz


The d100 is also available in pure solid wood (from France), with oil as finish for the cabinet, a horn made of solid wood as well, and even more exceptional the driver frame is also made of wood for an even better sound:

d100%wood speaker frame

d100%wood speaker

video of the demo at the Totaldac Fun Day 2022

Consider also the c100 speaker cable for the d100.
It matches perfectly the d100 speakers as it uses the same conductors and connectors as the internal wiring of the d100.

Totaldac sub-d100 subwoofer

The sub-100 is a subwoofer made to extend the sub bass response of the d100 speakers up to 18Hz, and even more it can be placed in a corner of a room which is often more efficient for low bass than the main speaker location.
The sub-d100 uses the same bass driver as the d100 speakers for a perfect sound matching with the d100 speakers.
Due to the fact that the dimensions are exactly the same as the d100 speakers it is also perfectly matching the d100 visually.
The external crossover is connected from the main stereo amplifier outputs to the subwoofer amplifier XLR input.
The subwoofer amplifier is sold separately. Totaldac recommends the Amp-1 amplifier in monobloc version (1000W) as best matching amplifier.
This solution allows you to get very clean and detailed sub bass, so helpfull when listening symphonic orchestra, drum or organ.
One unit can be enough to complement a pair of d100 speakers.

Totaldac sub-d100

-sealed cabinet
-based on two 12inch neodymium drivers, 98dB @ 1m @ 1W (nominal), same model as the d100 speakers for a perfect sound matching with the d100
-bass cut-off: 18Hz at -6dB in room
-4ohm impedance
-external crossover connected from the main stereo amplifier outputs to the subwoofer amplifier XLR input (the subwoofer amplifier is sold separately)
-driver and crossover components from Western Europe manufacturers
-Mundorf binding posts for any kind of banana and spade cables
-cabinet made of Baltic Birch Plywood (grey, other color on request)
-made in France
-width: 320mm
-depth: 470mm
-height: 1180mm
-weight: 37kg (excluding the external crossover and amplifier)

Totaldac d150-anniversary speaker

The d150-anniversary loudspeakers are high resolution and high efficiency loudspeakers.
The bass is also a high efficiency driver, thus making a real high efficiency speaker from the bottom to the top of the spectrum.
The bass cabinet and the horn are both driven by your amplifier, without the help of an internal amplifier and without need of an external subwoofer.

"I was impressed by both of them. The d150's sound was relaxed very wide open and delightfully coherent.
These beautiful turned-wood horns were driven, not by a compression driver, but by a full-range cone driver;
which is crossed over to a 15" bass driver at 150Hz. I was immediately impressed by how smooth, vivid, and 3-dimensional the sound was.
Think big, full, open, and exceptionally coherent. I would have nominated Brient's system for best sound at show, but is was only the morning of my first day, so I moved on."
Herb Reichert, Stereophile (à propos de l'ancienne version de d150)

"One of the first things that struck me sonically about the d150 was its cohesion, and stunning linearity. Visually, the loudspeaker is gorgeous, with the large turned-wood mid-driver horn dominating the aesthetic, but it was the sound that captivated, and held my attention. I lingered in this room far longer than I had time for, but it was so fatigue-free in presentation, with a rich tonal, and timbral accuracy to string instruments, horns, and piano that I had to stay, and let the experience soak in. This is the type of point-source imaging, pitch stability, dynamics, and transparency to source that I’ve come to appreciate from only the finest tube/solid state amplifiers, and high-efficiency speaker designs." Rafe Arnott, part-time (à propos de l'ancienne version de d150)

"Durant la bonne demi-heure que j’ai passée dans le Loft D, j’ai pu apprécier toute l’étendue des possibilités de ce système, hors du commun." Jean Razzaroli, L'AUDIO DE FRANCE

"On profite en toutes circonstances d'une grande quantité de détails qui contribuent à une remarquable justesse tonale et un équilibre indéniable." Dominique Mafrand, Haute Fidélité

d150-anniversary speaker

-sensitivity: 97dB @ 2.83V/1m.
-bass cut-off: 25Hz at -6dB in room
-average impedance: 8ohm.
-150Hz crossover frequency making the speaker close to point source.
-860mm diameter wooden horn made of 100m thick wood.
-15inch bass driver with very strong neodym magnet.
-recommended placement: can be far or close to the rear wall.
-dimensions: 1.42m heigh, 0.86m diameter round horn, 0.59m depth.
-weight: 60kg for each of both parts of each speaker.
-made in France.


You can listen the d150-anniversary speakers in these videos:
French Cancan
Amazing Grace

d150-anniversary in Totaldac demo room

d150-anniversary at Totaldac

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