TOTALDAC produces hifi DACs (digital to analog converters) and streamers for audiophiles who require the highest level of performance from their systems.
A matching preamplifier, power amplifier, speakers and cable accessories are now part of the Totaldac offer to help you compose a full Totaldac system.

Totaldac d1 front

TOTALDAC has gained worldwide recognition not only for its discrete R2R ladder DACS but for its innovative accompanying technology that has led many to claim that TOTALDAC's implementation has given their DACS the most refined, natural sound available.
All Totaldac products are developed and made in France.

DACs product line:

d1-core The entry level but still with Totaldac sound and perfect tonal balance.
Universal 3V RCA and 6V XLR outputs, and like all other DACs with volume control.
d1-unity The first DAC with "unity" architecture, with 3.5V RCA and 7V XLR outputs.
d1-biunity The second DAC with "unity" architecture, with 3.5V RCA and 7V XLR outputs.
d1-triunity The biggest one-box DAC with "unity" architecture, with 3.5V RCA and 7V XLR outputs.
The best one-box DAC from Totaldac.
d1-sublime A 4-box DAC, with 3.5V RCA and 7V XLR outputs.
The best of Totaldac.

products with digital outputs:

d1-switch The network switch to improve the sound quality.
Lowers the jitter for an ethernet server and streamer.
d1-digital-sublime reclocker Rebuilds all 4 inputs into 2 AES-EBU outputs with less jitter.
Can also apply volume control and convert DSD to pcm 176/24 if required.
d1-streamer-sublime It is the reclocker also equipped with the streamer board and a GIGAFILTER.
So it is a streamer with USB, coax and AES-EBU outputs.
d1-player-mk2 Stores your music files and runs Roon core or a UPNP media-server.
Network output to a RoonReady device or a UPNP streamer.

Analog product line:

d1-driver-sublime Connected between a DAC and the amplifier to drive perfectly the amplifier.
Like a high end preamplifier but relying on the DAC volume control.
AMP-1-sublime The reference Totaldac amplifier.


d100 A speaker with a very controlled sound at all frequencies.
High efficiency with realistic bass and with a moderate speaker size.
d110 The high end speaker.
d120 A version of the d110 using a solid wood 3D milled cabinet.

What the press says:

Stereophile: "it does make music sound more unrestrained and physically believable than any digital front end I've heard"
Twittering Machies: used as reference DAC
Part-time Audiophile:"amongst the most enjoyable DACs I’ve heard"
SounStage Australia:"to a level of immediacy I had not experienced before"
Diapason:" never before... Diapason d'Or prize"
hi-fi+:"The DAC sounds just fantastic. It’s one of the most natural-sounding."
AudioStream:"PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 'the most musically satisfying DAC I've yet heard'"
6moons:"the most fluidly organic"
HifiPig:"I was completely shocked"
HifiStatement:"the best digital source I have heard so far"
AUDIO:"sensational natural sounding"
Audio Art:"Beyond your imagination"
Parttimeaudiophile:"The most analogue sounding"
Stereo times:"the best sounding digital playback""outstanding, one of the very best I know of"
mono&stereo:"beyond everything that I have ever tried"
Inearspace:"the best DAC we have ever reviewed"
haute fidélité: as close as possible to the original concert
AUDIOREPUTATION:"the best in its price range""the most impressive DAC I've ever heard".
Quotidianoaudio:"the best performance I have been fortunate enough to witness".
AudioTechnique:"It is the BEST one box DAC I ever heard".

Who will you be in contact with?


Totaldac has been created by Vincent Brient in France not far from the Mont Saint-Michel (think of it if you wish to come).

Mont saint Michel

mobile phone: +33 6 18 03 14 08 (European time zone, Whatsapp compatible)