d150 speaker

Totaldac has created its own loudspeaker to demo DACs in Totaldac auditorium and in Hifi shows.
This speakers are the result of 20 years of experimentations to give a realistic and natural sound. Now these speakers are also offered to Totaldac customers.
The d150 loudspeakers are high resolution, high efficiency loudspeakers based on a full range driver whose low mid frequencies only are loaded by a large round horn made of 100mm thick wood.
The bass is also a high efficiency driver, thus making a real high efficiency speaker from the bottom to the top of the spectrum.
The bass cabinet and the horn are both driven by your amplifier, without the help of an internal (low end) amplifier.
An exceptional subwoofer is also offered as an option.

"I was impressed by both of them. The d150's sound was relaxed very wide open and delightfully coherent.
These beautiful turned-wood horns were driven, not by a compression driver, but by a full-range cone driver;
which is crossed over to a 15" bass driver at 150Hz. I was immediately impressed by how smooth, vivid, and 3-dimensional the sound was.
Think big, full, open, and exceptionally coherent. I would have nominated Brient's system for best sound at show, but is was only the morning of my first day, so I moved on."
Herb Reichert, Stereophile

"One of the first things that struck me sonically about the d150 was its cohesion, and stunning linearity. Visually, the loudspeaker is gorgeous, with the large turned-wood mid-driver horn dominating the aesthetic, but it was the sound that captivated, and held my attention. I lingered in this room far longer than I had time for, but it was so fatigue-free in presentation, with a rich tonal, and timbral accuracy to string instruments, horns, and piano that I had to stay, and let the experience soak in. This is the type of point-source imaging, pitch stability, dynamics, and transparency to source that Iíve come to appreciate from only the finest tube/solid state amplifiers, and high-efficiency speaker designs." Rafe Arnott, part-time
d150 speaker

d150 speaker specifications:
-98dB/1W/1m sensitivity.
-150Hz crossover frequency making the speaker close to point source.
-860mm diameter wooden horn made of 100m thick wood.
-15inch bass driver, 98dB/1W/1m efficiency.
-selected drivers allow gentle crossover slope to get the smallest phase shift and allow to use very high quality filter components.
-use of single cone for the most natural sound.
-8.1ohm minimum impedance, to be used with all kind of amplifiers, from triodes to the biggest transistors.
-dimensions: 1.42m heigh, 0.86m diameter round horn, 0.59m max depth .
-weight: 130kg in two parts (bass enclosure and horn).
-made in France.

d150 speaker

Subwoofer option

An optional subwoofer can be provided to reinforce the sub bass.
This 98dB/1W/1m sensitivity driver guarantees a good match with the d150 speakers.
The shape is tall with a small footprint on the floor to give a maximum volume but easy to fit in any room.
One single subwoofer in mono configuration or two subwoofers in mono or stereo configuration are possible.
No amplifier is embedded in the subwoofer, you can select the real high end amplifier of your choice and the subwoofer filter is already embedded in the d150 loudspeaker.

d150 subwoofer

d150 subwoofer specifications:
-18 inch driver.
-filter embedded in the d150 speaker.
-8ohm impedance.
-dimensions: 0.48m wide , 0.29m deep, 1.9m heigh.
-weight: 72kg.

example of system using d150 speakers

d150 horn system

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