Amp-1, the amplifier

The Amp-1 amplifier was first made for Totaldac internal need. Here is its story.
In 2018 Alon Wolf, founder of Magico, contacted me to evaluate a Totaldac source. I sent a d1-twelve-mk2 and a d1-driver to Magico's demo room in California.
Alon decided to keep the DAC and it was an opportunity for me to get a pair of Magico M6 speakers.
I had several amplifiers on hand to drive the M6. Triode, pentode, transistor class A, class AB and class D amplifiers. None could exhibit all qualities of the M6 at the same time.
I tried many amplifiers from the best brands, at any price, and again I could not get the real-life timbre and openness of tubes with the drive capability of the biggest transistor amplifiers and without harsh sound so often found with transistor amplifiers.
So I developped my amplifier for my own need, starting from a prototype already made by an experimented partner, and I was free to optimise it my way.
The Amp-1 use a triode voltage amplifying stage and a high current transistor buffer, to give roughly the best of tubes and transistors, and tuned with a d1-twelve-mk2 DAC as reference.
Each step was tested on Magico M6 and on my big coax horn system, and sometimes also the Totaldac d150 speakers and the Camerton one-way bookshelves.
The Magico being moderate efficiency and difficult impedance, the big horn system being 105dB/1W/1m efficiency with easy 8ohm impedance.
An amplifier giving the best sound in these two opposite environnements will work as great with all hifi speakers.

"The hybrid stereo Amp-1 played the Magico M6 with a fresh, pliant authority.
With the Amp-1, they almost completely relaxed. With the Amp-1, they opened up spatially and dynamically.
I asked Brient to play a solo-piano recording and was surprised by the scale and fullness of the instrument that appeared between the M6s.
Tone was the most life-like I have heard from Magico."
Herb Reichert, Audiostream and Stereophile

totaldac Amp-1 amplifier

totaldac Amp-1 amplifier

preliminary specifications:
stereo power amplifier
zero global feedback
fully discrete design
triode main stage and solid state output
class AB with medium level of class A for moderate power consumption and for moderate heat in the room
2500VA, 26kg LIVE-POWER transformer with separate windings for left and right channel
designed on Magico M6 and on a 105dB large coax horn system
low noise truely tested on very high efficiency speakers
RCA inputs (XLR on the monobloc version only)
largest Mundorf binding posts
2*160W under 8ohm
2*300W under 4ohm
2*500W under 2ohm
stable under 1ohm
28dB gain
1.5V sensitivity
input impedance from 0Hz to 20KHz > 3.5Kohm
cut off at -3dB: 0.06Hz
distorsion: 0.05% at 20W
power consumption when music level is low: 165W
248mm height including feet
483mm width
453mm depth including connectors
54kg weight


Available options:
-2 pairs of RCA inputs and a switch, to select a digital system (DAC + d1-driver) or an analog system (LP + conventional preamp)
-115V power (standard is 220/240V)

Monobloc version:
-fully balanced from the input to the output
-XLR input instead of RCA
-2 sets of binding posts
-600W under 8ohm
-1000W under 4ohm

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