TOTALDAC is a French based Company which produces innovative hifi DACs (digital to analog converters) and streamers for audiophiles that demand the best performance from their systems.

AudioStream:"PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2015&2016 'the most musically satisfying DAC I've yet heard'". The only brand mentioned 4 times in the Audiostream favourite short list.
6moons:"the most fluidly organic", HifiPig:"I was completely shocked", HifiStatement:"the best digital source I have heard so far", AUDIO:"sensational natural sounding",
Stereophile: "makes me feel: very happy", Audio Art:"Beyond your imagination", AUDIO-ACTIVITY:"great DAC",
Parttimeaudiophile:"The most analogue sounding", Stereo times:"the best sounding digital playback","outstanding, one of the very best I know of",
mono&stereo:"beyond everything that I have ever tried", Inearspace:"the best DAC we have ever reviewed", haute fidélité: Maximum note 8/8 for 5 sound qualities. Totaldac d1 front

Totaldac designs the circuits and select components during rigorous listening tests.
Totaldac only uses the best sounding components regardless of production cost to ensure that you get the optimum performance.
Totaldac doesn't use integrated circuits. Instead, some own exclusive technologies have been developed.
All Totaldac products are developed and made in France.

DACs with an integrated digital crossover are also on offer. They allow to separate bass, midrange and treble.

Totaldac also makes a music server and a reclocker which improves the sound of any drive.

Who created Totaldac?

photo My name is Vincent Brient. I have been building hifi equipment since I was a student engineer at Supelec 15 years ago. I started selling them in June 2010 under the registered trademark Totaldac.

I live in France, not too far from the Mont Saint-Michel (think of it if you wish to visit me!)

Mont saint Michel

A new company building is dedicated, 60m2 with no parallel wall, and 2.5m to 5m heigh.

Totaldac building

Before I worked as an engineer in the design of electronic boards in (digital television), in smart-phones, in a GPS/MP3 for blind people , in automotive electronics, in automatic bicycle rental, in multimedia for urban transportations, in smart metering and so on... and I obtained some patents

In parallel I have designed hifi equipment with audio measurements and listening tests on different types of speakers (standard box, single driver units, panels...), and different amplifiers (SE triodes, OTL, class A and AB transistors, class D...).

During my studies most of my research projects were based on a digital active crossover with digital inputs and digital outputs to separate the bass, midrange and treble before the DACs and then send them to the speakers. This project was long since it took me 15 years to really finalize it!

I also spent time to try and buy the good DAC in the price range I could afford at that period. I could find sonic qualities but never all of them in one DAC. So I stopped and started building mine. I tried most DAC technologies and many different DAC chips, it took years again.

I finally merged these two projects to make a prototype which wasn't yet called Totaldac. Several visitors of my bass horn systems asked me if I could make the same DAC for them so I decided to improve and to industrialize the DAC so I started Totaldac company.

Totaldac products are tested and listen to on several systems. One in a 60m2 and 4m heigh room with no parallel wall and one high efficiency system based on bass horns in a 40m2 room.

office telephone: +33 2 90 02 11 39 (european time zone)
mobile telephone: +33 6 18 03 14 08 (european time zone)