Back in the spring of 2014 I was looking for a sample-rate-converter annex reclocker. I had a brand new DAC that was only capable of max 48kHz and I had lots of files much higher than that. During that search I stumbled upon Totaldac. I sent them an email and low and behold, I got an answer immediately. Now, eight years later, while I write this piece I am listening to music generated by only Totaldac equipment.

It is like so many other branches where there is excellence; socker gives us Johan Cruijff, Maradonna, Ronaldo. Formula One has Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, Max Verstappen.

Well, in my humble opinion audio gives us people like Vincent Brient of Totaldac. What this guy touches simply sounds better, easy as that. In short: Totaldac is accessable, reliable i.e. a good investment.