Reference equipment

Totaldac can offer the reference equipment which is used for the development and demo of the DACs.


After more than one year of amplifier trials the Passion Signature Integrated amplifier from Absolare has been selected.
-very transparent and neutral
-very good drive capability
-low noise to be able to drive both high efficiency speakers and low efficiency speakers
-low accoustic noise from the power transformer
-low heat dissipation in the room
-acceptable weight and size
-excellent finish

Absolare Integrated:

Voxativ Zeth at Totaldac

All Absolare products are available for sale, complete price list excl VAT


Echole speaker cables are used as ultimate cost-no-object reference cables.
Passion, Orius, Omnia and Limited Edition cables are available for demo in Totaldac auditorium, nothing to say about the sound, just right for all criteria.

Echole Orius speaker cable

All Echole cables are available for sale, complete price list excl VAT.


Totaldac has selected and has made customised the Bibacord AES-EBU cable.
This cable let all the resolution pass, from the bottom to the top of the spectrum.
Immediately you hear more bass, but without making the sound slower and without attenuating the treble.
You hear better the wood, the body and the texture of a cello for example.
It is not a cable which attenuates the dynamic or slower the sound to restore a right balanced or hide a hardness in a system, it is a cable which allows the best systems to go further again in the realism.

Bibacord AES-EBU

This AES-EBU cable is sold exclusively by Totaldac for the whole world except Sweden.
price for one 1m AES-EBU cable: 1950 incl VAT.

The wooden interconnect is also on demo.
price for a pair of 1m interconnect RCA cable: 4128 incl VAT.
price for a pair of 1.5m interconnect RCA cable: 4668 incl VAT.
price for a pair of 1m interconnect XLR cable: 4704 incl VAT.
price for a pair of 1.5m interconnect XLR cable: 5244 incl VAT.

Bibacord interconnect


A power cords is built by the French manufacturer Esprit to match Totaldac DACs. This cable is modified for Totaldac and sold directly by Totaldac.

Esprit/Totaldac power cord
Price for the Totaldac/Esprit power cord: 780 incl VAT.

Voxativ, stock for sale

-"Ampeggio" preamplifier including MC phono stage, demo model but with very special NOS tubes: price on demand (new price is 11900 incl VAT + NOS tubes + shipping from Germany)
-"Voxativ" speaker cable 2x2.5m: 1895
-"Ampeggio"speaker cable 2x2.5m: 3795
-"Voxativ" RCA cable 2x1.5m: 2000
many other length available


These speakers are able to reproduce the instruments in nearly real scale with the characteritics of panels.
Due to their wide dispersion you can easily listen from off-axis as well and still have a good image focus.

Soulsonic Impulse

Price including shipping within EU and including VAT:
Impulse Evo: 28200 incl VAT
Impulse Pro: 48000 incl VAT
Impulse SE: 84600 incl VAT
other models: from 15000 incl VAT

Kaiser Acoustics

Spline diffusers are used in the main listening room, making a smooth and pleasant sound.

Kaiser acoustics spline diffuser
Price for 1.23mx1.23m: 1519 incl VAT.
Price for 0.60mx0.60m: 548 incl VAT.

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