Totaldac guarantees

Repair guarantee

Totaldac products include a 2 year guarantee.
During and after the guarantee period the products are repaired by the designer, on the measurement and listening equipment which was used during the DAC development.
After the guarantee period the repairs are made at reasonable price. Totaldac is known mainly by satisfied customers recommendations, not by advertisement, so good repair price is also necessary to get good recommendations.

Upgrade guarantee

Upgrades are possible during the whole product life. Options or customisations are possible. The limits are only technical, the upgrades are possible as long as the electronics boards are the same.
On a d1-single it is possible for example to add the dual DAC option, add a subwoofer output, ask specific customisation or change the enclosure.

Listening guarantee

You can evaluate the DAC on your system for 14 days, then you choose if you want to buy it or send it back. So you are sure that you buy something that you really like. Listening are also possible at Totaldac place in a 60m2 room with ceiling varying from 2.5m to 5m and with no parallel wall.

Guarantee by standard interfaces

The external interfaces are non-proprietary so that it can be used with all equipments and can be replaced easily. No specific interface is used and this is a guarantee of future proof evolutions and adaptations.
For example the USB input uses the standard USB-AUDIO2 protocol. This protocol is known by MAC and Linux without any driver installation. A driver is currently necessary for Windows but the driver is not specific to Totaldac and is not written by Totaldac, it is just a standard USB-AUDIO2 driver available everywhere. This driver will still exist for future Windows versions even without the assistance of Totaldac.
The remote control is also a standard by its RC5 encoding but also as a Philips equipment available all around the world. It is a good thing to know that it can be easily replaced.
All other interfaces are standard, no input or output is specific.

Guarantee by the independence

Totaldac is financially independent and the R&D is internally financed. There is no external investor.
The technology inside the DAC is a Totaldac exclusivity, based on discrete electronics and programs written and owned by Totaldac.

Responsiveness guarantee

All e-mails are usually answered the same day with advises, offers, engagements for on the shelf products but also customised products and OEM products.
A phone number is given for a direct talk with the DAC designer.
The web site is simple but directly controlled by Totaldac, so very quickly updated without any external need.

SMD joint guarantee

The DAC SMD components are placed by robots and soldered in a ROHS reflow oven by a sub-contractor specialised in very professional electronic boards such as telecommunication equipments.

office telephone: +33 2 90 02 11 39 (european time zone)
mobile telephone: +33 6 18 03 14 08 (european time zone)