The large Totaldac range of products now allows to make different sources for your amplifier and all of them are controlled from a tablet.
You have just to connect it to your local network and bring some storage memory for the music files.

d1-core with server option

d1-core with server option, single equipment solution, from 5700 incl VAT.


d1-integral-headphone, single equipment solution, from 8400 incl VAT.

d1-six with server option

d1-six with server option, single equipment solution, from 14500 incl VAT.

d1-server + d1-dual ou d1-tube-mk2

d1-server + d1-dual or d1-tube-mk2, two equipment solution, from 13790 incl VAT.
d1-server + d1-six

d1-server + d1-six, two equipment solution, from 17390 incl VAT.
d1-twelve with server option

d1-twelve with server option, three equipment solution for very high end, from 29500 incl VAT.

d1-server + d1-twelve

d1-server + d1-twelve, four equipment full system, from 32390 incl VAT.

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