Ethernet cable/filter for audio or for video

The RJ45 ethernet filter/cable is a Totaldac exclusivity which improves the sound of any DAC or music server using an ethernet link.
The filtering of high frequency pollutions improves the soundstage and makes the sound more natural.

"The sound improves quite considerably with this cable. The musicians are now made of flesh and blood, the whole thing looks full, without loss of resolution.
In other words, without this cable you give away a lot of performance."
Jürgen Saile, HIFIstatement
"Tiny things sound more pronounced or noticeable, they have more natural decay and are placed in the soundstage with better definition and delicacy."

ethernet filter

The ethernet LAN cable/filter is compatible with ethernet under Windows, MAC ou Linux. It is obviously bit perfect.

length 2m, weight about 1kg.

The 2m cable/filter can also be connected to a longer RJ45 cable using a female/female coupler, available from Totaldac or anywhere else:
RJ45 coupler


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