Try this very high end USB filter and discover the capability of your DAC.
It replaces all accessories that you may have for USB: USB cables, USB isolators, USB filters, USB power supplies...
It has a great effect for a Totaldac server but also for any other streamer or computer.

"once in the system, the absence creates an instant hankering of plugging it back..." Matej Isak, MONO&STEREO
"... better timbre ... more controlled bass ... better soundstage ...
In a word GIGA-effective"
Dominique Mafrand, haute fidélité
"Vincent Brient did a fabulous job with his d1 GigaFilter and there’s no question about it in my mind.
Devices this efficient don’t happen by accident, are made by engineers deep in the know instead and Vincent’s been one of them for years.
He surely knows his onions and TotalDAC d1 GigaFilter is yet another proof.
It honestly might reveal itself as a keeper."

USB filter

Example of reference system using a GIGAFILTER USB

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