USB cable/filter

The USB filter/cable is a Totaldac exclusivity which improves the sound of any DAC or music server using a USB link.
A shielded aluminium box embeds high performance filters to suppress digital pollutions coming from the computer or the music server.
The sound is then more natural, more transparent and without harshness, the result is surprising and helps to improve playback quality from a computer based source.
It can even be used to connect a CD-drive to a computer a rip CDs with a better sound.

Comparison to the Light Harmonic Lightspeed USB cable ($999 to $1999, among the finest USB cables for Michael Lavorgna) by Michael Lavorgna, AUDIOSTREAM:
The Totaldac cable offered up a more fluid and relaxed sound.
By comparison, the Lightspeed cable made things sound a bit aggressive up top and also didn't provide as stable and solid a sound picture.
The Totaldac cable added that last bit of refined, nuanced, and natural flow.

"The LightHarmonic cable doubly underscored the HD800ís straight-talking incision in the uppermost frequencies to contrast the TotalDAC D1 as the smoother talker of the two.." John Darko, 6moons
"The filter has the same effect of a very good analog interconnect cable when compared with a cheap one.
it is not a matter of tastes, this cable simply eliminates the digital interferences that come from the source but it does not alter the tonal and timbre balance of your source."
Angelo Jasparro, AUDIO-ACTIVITY
"I would highly recommend that anyone considering purchase of the Totaldac d1-monobloc consider the Totaldac USB cable / filter." Steven Plaskin, AUDIOSTREAM
"AT the end of these tests, I think the TotalDac offers a better balance of most sonical aspects, compared to my other main favourite" Tony, SoundBsessive
"for my system it is the perfect additional component. As much as I was impressed with this cable it really does have to be one of the last things you add to your system whenever everything else is just right." Sonny Trigg, inearspace
"would likely please the listener who is seeking a more analog like presentation from their computer music. Highly Recommended." singaporehifi
"The best in its price range in our test even at twice the price", High Fidelity Magazines (China)
The filter/cable has been tested during the HIFIpig d1-tube review, making a real improvement.

USB filter

The USB cable/filter is USB1 (12Mbit/s) and USB2.0 (480Mbit/s) compatible, it can carry pcm in synchronous or asynchronous mode or anything else, under Windows, MAC or Linux. It is obviously bit perfect.
The filter box embeds also a circuit to better protect your DAC from the possible over-voltages coming from the computer.

The filter/cable is made of more than 30 components and it is available in different length.


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