DAC d1-twelve Totaldac d1-single front

Totaldac d1-monobloc front

The d1-twelve DAC is composed of two monoblocs and a specialized reclocker, so it is a 3 box system just like the d1-monobloc.
The d1-twelve uses 6 discrete resistor R2R ladders per channel, so a total of 12 ladders for the system and in other words
roughly 600 Vishay Foil resistors per system, probably unique in the world.

So many DACs in parallel allow to lower the noise and the impedance, so much that an output stage is not required,
so there is no tube nor transistor nor any other active components in the output stage. Also no feedback.
"The Totaldac d1-digital reclocker/d1-twelve DAC combo represents a MAJOR ACHIEVEMENT in the world of digital converters.
It shows performance levels that go beyond everything that I have ever tried under known conditions.
The most striking virtue was how it brought together extreme transparency and exemplary musicality without sacrificing one bit of either of the two.
Upper Echelon award, as well as the place n Über Audio section - it truly belongs to the STATE OF THE ART CLASS!"

"Here and now sound of French DAC speaks to me, to my whole ME, to my whole music universe.
It brings a new way of feeling the music, taking off “something” that other digital systems tend to add.
Frequency response is very wide, however we do not necessary see it like this.
It is because we talk not about magician tricks but real, solid way of bringing music that only analog master-tapes can do.
It is outstanding digital system, one of the very best I know of.
RED Fingerprint award."
Wojciech Pacula,

Example of reference system using a d1-twelve DAC

The d1-twelve has been designed for the most resolving speakers, so the most difficult to satisfy, to get the largest amount of information
and at the same time a sweetness never heard before.
So the d1-twelve will be found in systems with the best triode (pre)amplifiers, the most resolving speakers, the best high efficiency speakers, the best fullrange drivers...
usually the domains of the best analog sources.
The d1-twelve was playing at the Munich show, see comments from reviewers here: listening

The d1-twelve-SE

The d1-twelve-SE is a special version which can be used as a d1-twelve or can be used with following characteristics:
-class A discrete transistor output stage
-3.1Vrms on the RCA output
-6.2Vrms on the balanced XLR output
-even in this buffered mode all 12 ladders of resistors are used for the RCA output and the XLR output

So with the d1-twelve-SE you can listen to the direct un-buffered output or you can listen to the pre-amplified balanced or unbalanced outputs and choose the best match for your system.

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